I hate contest or an old man griping.

I hate contest or an old man griping.

Postby N5JEH » Wed Jan 25, 2017 3:50 pm

Because there is a long time between VHF contest, I forget why I hate contest. Then I get roped into trying another and with in an hour I remember why I hade contest.
First, because there is only one frequency on each of the VHF band that will have activity, everyone hangs there and calls CQ forever. Everyone has to wait their turn. God forbid that you hear something the CQing station does not, you must wait till he is done before you can call. of course the station is gone by then. I guess I could try what I head one station doing, move up 3khz and call there. That wiped out the calling frequency.
I have tried to move up 10 kHz and call, but no one listens except on the calling frequency.
Same problem with digital on 6 meters. Only one frequency that people monitor. So if you have a station that just keeps calling CQ for 30 mins at a time (15 sec periods) then that frequency gets hosed up.
I thought I would try a new band this contest (222 MHz) But I found out no one just monitors the calling frequency. You have to wait until you work someone on another band and they say "Lets go to 222". That's great,but when they make the contact there it "Lets go to 432" and in a blink of an eye ,they are gone. Stations did not see if anyone else might be there. So missed out there because I could not tune the Flex radio fast enough. Everyone was on a different frequency.
So I will not pursue 222. I can not put together a station that can keep up with the stations I heard on.

I was very disappointed with 1296. Tried to work KK6MC who was S9+++ and he could not hear me. So another band I am giving up on. The Radar interference is still very loud here.

Other than that, I made I few contacts on 432. Thank you rovers for being there, but I Hate Contest.

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