Six meter digital frequinces

Six meter digital frequinces

Postby N5JEH » Tue Jun 06, 2017 8:30 am

To all that dabble in the digital modes on six: There is a movement to get frequencies for the most used modes established.
All MSK (MS) work now is on 50.260. The JT65A work is still on 50,276 and 50.280 and 50.290 now are set up for the faster JT9E/H modes.
It has become very difficult to remember what frequency to be on for the mode you are using.
What we need Joe K1JT to develop now is a piece of frontend software to detect what mode and sub mode is being sent.
However all this aside, the digital modes in use now have made it a lot easier for us to work a lot of stations on a DEAD BAND.

The down side is lack of CW DX contacts.
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